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Cable cause of the fire explosion

  Date:2014/9/16 9:38:15 Hits:751
Power cable insulation layer is made of paper, oil, hemp, rubber, plastic, asphalt and other combustible substances, and therefore, the possibility of the cable has a fire explosion. Cable fire causes explosion are: 
(1) Insulation damage caused by a short circuit fault. Protection lead sheet at the time of laying power cables are damaged or in operation by mechanical damage cable insulation, or insulation breakdown caused by cable white lead sheet between the arc and the cable insulation material so that the outer protective layer of material burning fire. 
(2) Cable overload long run. Overload long run, operating temperature cable insulation material exceeds the maximum allowable temperature of normal fever, so aging dry cable insulation, such insulation dry aging phenomenon usually occurs over the entire cable line. Since the cable insulation aging dry, insulating material lost or reduced insulation and mechanical properties, and thus prone to breakdown ignited, even along the entire length of the cable multiple simultaneous burning fire. 
(3) the height difference occurs because the cable drip oil, oil spills. When the oil height is larger cable laying, cable drip oil phenomenon may occur. Results drip flow, so that the upper cable and dry due to the loss of oil, which is part of the cable thermal resistance increases, coking and advance the paper insulation breakdown. Further, since the upper oil drips down in the upper part of the head to make room for the cable and generating a negative pressure, so that the cable end portion is easy to absorb moisture leaving damp. Because of the accumulation of oil in the lower part of the cable generated a lot of static pressure, prompting the cable head oil spill. Cable moisture and oil spills have increased the probability of failure of the fire. 
(4) an intermediate connector box insulation breakdown. Intermediate connector cable connector box is not tight due to crimping, soldering joints material is not strong or inappropriate choice of running joint oxidation, fever, gum; doing Cable Joints, the perfusion in the middle of the splice case does not meet the quality of insulation agent requirements, perfusion insulating agent, boxes memory is bad seal pores and cable boxes, moisture damage and leakage into the above factors can cause insulation breakdown, the formation of a short circuit, the cable burst into flames. Electrical Automation Technology Network 
(5) cable head burning. Due to the contamination cable head surface moisture, cable head casing rupture and lead white porcelain distance is too small, causing flashover fire, causing the cable head surface insulation and lead insulation burning. 
(6) external fire and heat cause cable fires. Oil systems such as fire spread, the spread of the oil circuit breaker explosion of fire, boiler milling system or spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal handling system, the baking temperature steam pipes, acid-base chemical corrosion, welding sparks and other fire, can make cable produce fire.
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