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Power cable layers of reasons

  Date:2014/9/16 9:33:15 Hits:739
The outermost layer of the power cable is typically a rubber or synthetic rubber sleeve, which is one role of the insulating layer, but also serves to protect the cable from damage effect. 
Power cables, high voltage or low voltage cable was divided. If the pressure, which will have a similar resin filler layer, which is insulated from the effects of the high-voltage cables, which is the most important portion of the insulating layer is. Without this layer of low pressure thing, then there will be some similar ribbon wrapped around the same thing, which is to secure the cable in each core, the middle of the gap filled. 
Shield two cases, the power cable shield effect is twofold: first, because the current power cable through the relatively large currents produce magnetic fields around, in order not to affect the other components, so you can put this plus shield electromagnetic shielding in the cable; Second, it could play a role in ground fault protection, if damaged, leaking out of the current occurs within the cable core can flow along the shield as a ground network, play a security role. 
Control cables in many places, especially the control cables of the computer system, where the shield is used to shield foreign influence, because of its own current weak, very afraid of electromagnetic fields outside influence. 
The composition of the power cable should be: conductive core, an insulating layer, protective layer. Detailed classification (high pressure, low pressure will not say): conductive core, inner semiconductive layer, an insulating layer, the outer semiconductive layer, copper shielding, fillers, lining layer, double steel protective layer, the outer sheath. The composition of these part! 10kV power cable for the above will be explained.